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Lao Tzu's Teachings

"What other men (thus) teach, I also teach. The violent and strong do not die their natural death. I will make this the basis of my teaching."

Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu's teachings are related to the Tao or the Great Pervader, the creator and sustainer of everything in the Universe, and the way man should live in order to avoid suffering.

We have several sources referring to these teachings:

    1. The information given by Chinese historian Ssu'ma Ch'ien about the philosophy of the Master;

    2. The concepts developed by Lao Tzu in his Tao Te Ching;

    3. The story of the meeting with Confucius, and the discussion about the rites;

    4. The contribution by Chuang Tzu, the most known disciple of Lao Tzu, to the understanding of his thinking.

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In short, Lao Tzu preached the retirement from the world and the keeping of a low profile. He himself followed the Way (Tao) and nurtured his life.

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