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Thanks for your interest in our courses. Below are some of our students questions and our short replies. Hope it helps.

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- What I need to follow a course?

Internet access and an email account.

- How do you send me the course?

Our courses are made of lessons. Each lesson is sent through email on a schedule.

- Can I study off-line or should I create an account and login to your site?

You can study off-line and there's no need to create an account and login because the lessons are sent directly to your inbox.

- What if I need to print the lessons?

You can print them should you need it.

- What if I need further information about the lessons?

If your inquiry is related to the lessons' topics, you may contact the teacher through email during the course long.

- How do I register?

Please click the PayPal button Buy Now and follow the instruction.

- When can I start?


- Is there any final quiz?


- How much it takes to follow a course?

That depends on the course number of lessons.

- Is there any prior knowledge requested should I take a course?

No. Our courses are designed for beginners.

- What if I request a refund?

Please read our Return Policy here.

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Do you have more question? Please send them to support@laotzu.org. We are glad to assist you.

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